Being the Madador and Realizing Your Not Alone

     You go most of your life without a single person to call a friend.  The person that you call friend, is also playing a double role and is your parent.  It maybe your mother or your father (for me it was my mother).  Then to top it off on day you are told you have to deal with a condition that will change how you can live the rest of your life you are at the prime of your life.  Having to learn as much as you can all on your own.  In essence you are all on your own out there in the big scary world.  At least this is the way you feel about it all.  You are more and like it, not alone in the world as there are many others that have to deal with this same condition.  For most of your life all ready you have been alone and then to complicate matters, the only person you have as a friend doesn’t even understand what your going through and has no idea of how to help you.  Imagine your parents (in my case hearing from my mother) telling your doctors, “Don’t talk to me, its  your name (Catherine’s )problem.” 

Image While I somewhat agree it is my problem, no one can deal with it all alone. That is why this year I feel that I was so lucky to be blessed with a wonderful opportunity to make and create some wonderful lasting memories and friendships. Guess what?  These folks get it.  They live with it day to day, wither its them or their loved on.  Heck, they may not only live with it, but also work with folks who do. 

   This pass July, I embarked on an adventure- an adventure that would begin to change my life as I know it.  An adventure (topic of a future blog) had many others- around 3,500 and yes that is not a typo- showing me that I am not as alone as I thought I was.

 Image We all may not have gone through the same things because we all are different, but we can most certainly relate.  Now, while this adventure didn’t rid me of my problems that I have, nor am I even closely at the point I need to be- this adventure gave me the starting blocks of change that I want to have on this race with diabetes.  It taught me that living with the diabetes is livable and that diabetes is not to define who you are.  There were a few people that taught me a lot on this adventure.  Some of the people that come to mind are Sandy, a wonderful pharmaceutical representative and her co-worker, Ward from Vancover, British Columbia, Canada.  These folks showed me many things; one of them is that diabetes knows no boundaries, and that no matter where you live we are all in this together.  There was also this wonder diabetic nurse, Natalie from New York that I met, whose words of wisdom stood out to me.  I remember her saying to me, “You can either take the bull by the horns and steer it the way you want it, or the bull is going to steer you the way it wants it and the bull is going to end up winning.”  That bull being diabetes, and while there were many that have helped me to realize the dream, these folks are “living the dream” and some that have impacted me in the littlest way. They all have been living with diabetes for most if not all of their lives and have shown me that anything is possible.  I am not to let diabetes whip my butt because if they would of have they would not be here to have shown me that anything is possible.  These folks are just a few of the many very successful folks that have shown me that anything is possible as long as I don’t let diabetes get the best of me.  I have made a vow that I can’t let this happen to me, because there are others out there that need my help.  There are others that need to be shown what Natalie, Ward and many others have shown me that is possible.  No one ever said life is not easy nor living with any type of chronic condition like diabetes is. We just cannot let the condition achieve victory.  I am sure we all almost have let the bull achieve his victory, heck I will be the first to admit it.Image However, what we need to do is just  fasten our seat belts and get ready for a challenge race, one that we can all win if we “don’t stop believin” in ourselves and as long as we “don’t stop believin” that one day there will be a cure all will work out, because as in the words of the famous music group, Journey- if they would of stop believing they  would of not got the dreams that they desired.  As Walt Disney has taught us, “A dream is a wish that will come true” but for now, (I know I have to) take a seat in the driver’s seat, strap on my seat belt, because I am in for a long race adventure.